“Structural Integration is about the whole Person; It is about Fascia and Feeling. The sensation of moving from Weakness into strength, the exhilaration of owning a new part of oneself, the immediate and simultaneous reeducation of ones being and action, the joy of self empowerment, waking up: These are the experiences of Structural Integration.”

_ Emmett Hutchins _

Carter Evans : LMT# 8786
Basic Audit & training, 2007, Kauai, Emmett Hutchins “Guild for structural Integration”
Four Hands With Emmett Hutchins, Feb, 2013
Certified Advanced Training/ Advanced Five Series April-May 2015

Structural Integration is A system of Organizing the body, so that the body is substantially Vertical and substantially balanced around a vertical. In Order to allow the body to accept support from the gravitational field.


single session ACUTE “spot work” sessions are 90 minutes generally
goals vary, side effects include,..
1: Increased sense of order
2: integrity of function


Structural Integration achieves its remarkable results by manipulating the myofascial system (the muscles and connective tissue called fascia which surrounds and penetrates the muscles and all other structures of the body). Our bodies must deal with gravity like other material structures. When we are out of balance, gravity drags us down just as it drags down a building that has lost its architectural integrity.

* * *
Whether from poor posture, injury, illness or emotional distress, an unbalanced body is at war with gravity. We experience this battle as pain, stress and depleted energy. When the body loses its architectural integrity, fascia shortens and thickens in characteristic patterns of strain and tightness.
* * *
Through refined and intelligent pressure applied by the hands of the Rolfing practitioner, fascia is softened and lengthened allowing the body to right itself effortlessly in gravity.

Rolf Method Maui

Maui Structural Integration


The goal of the Structural Integration is to balance your body’s structure in gravity, over a series of sessions called the Ten Series.

Ideally the Ten series is completed over a duration of 8-10 weeks with one session every week or two. This does not necessarily mean that the client is strictly regimented to this time line. We live busy lives and this work could take longer depending on your schedule. My clients are required only to commit to what they can afford and find time for.

To balance your body’s structure, the practitioner looks at how your entire body has compensated in its chronic patterning. The Ten Session format allows me to systematically open the body and re-pattern those compensations. This approach is about re-coordinating the entire Postural Pattern. Organizing and balancing the deep patterns naturally addresses any local and acute complaints that the client may be focused on and also concerned most with relieving, while investing in the ten session series. As practitioners, we are trained and practiced to be acutely aware of our individual client’s specific needs.


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  • Carter’s approach is very comprehensive. From his knowledge of the history of the practice of rolfing, and its true purpose, his personal approach of getting to know the client and customise the work for them, the work is amazing.

    Bryan Vanderhyden

  • The change in my yoga practice was even more stunning. It was like I was on “fast-forward” and flexibility that had been coming slowly over months, now came overnight.

    Ted Mills